Personalization in a product led growth strategy

If you’re using a product-led growth framework, you know onboarding customers and reducing the time to value is critical. You also know that sending customers email at a regular interval helps customers onboard. It also walks them through the first tasks everyone needs to do.

But what else do you need to send customers in PLG to get them to the value moment? And when?

Technical content is your friend

Marketing probably creates the emails you send to customers in a product-led growth environmen. That’s a fine way to do it—technical writers aren’t usually trained for writing to engage and convert. But the marketing team must work with the technical writing team to identify the task flow the customers must get through. The best product led growth examples link help or knowledge base articles in the emails to help customers do that tasks that get them to the “Ah-ha” moment. The call to action gets them to the next steps.

By identifying the specific steps customers must take to use the product, technical writers create detailed help or knowledge base articles. You can link these resources in the emails to provide customers with the steps to achieve their goals. For example, an email highlights a new feature can include links to tutorials or instructions. This email helps users understand and use the feature. This integration ensures users have the information they need at their fingertips. It leads them to the “Ah-ha” moment where they realize the product’s value that is so critical in a product led growth framework.

This collaborative approach enhances user experience and drives product led strategy engagement (stickiness) and retention. When customers get timely, relevant information that helps them overcome obstacles to use the product, they are likely to become loyal customers. Additionally, this reduces the burden on customer support by helping customers find the answers they need.

Use product metrics to decide what to send

The best product led growth examples use product analytics to understand how customers use the product. With product metrics tools like Pendo or Gainsight, you can analyze what your customers are doing and how sticky they are. Use this information to determine what product paths your customers take and where they get stuck.

With more advanced knowledge of these tools, you can determine which customers require extra help. Then send emails linked to help topics for where a specific customer stopped last week and didn’t continue. Customers use these content bits in a product led growth framework to get more familiar with the product and what it can do.

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This personalization of content helps customers get value out of your product. You provide content relevant to them specifically at that moment of product usage. It avoids the clock-based content (well, you’ve had the product for 3 weeks so you must have done these 8 things so far, right?) that may be entirely wrong for that specific customer.

You’re enabling the specific customer with content curated for their specific situation, and reducing friction. All without touching your customer unduly. That increases the speed to the “Ah-ha” moment in a product led growth framework.

Next steps

If you use Pendo or Gainsight, the next step is using in-app guides to support and guide your customers to the next tasks. This level of personalization provides content at the moment of need to guide your customer. Of course, you’ll link to the technical content in the help articles to provide fuller details for each in-app guide you create. This supports the customers who need more context than is provided in the guide.

This technical content personalization helps your product be successful in the product led growth strategy.

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