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Anthrobytes Media is a boutique shop that helps clients who need post-sales content help.

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Sharon Burton, content strategy consultant

Sharon Burton, content strategist, content strategy, content training, Paligo, Madcap Flare, UX writing, UX writer, UX writing training, technical content author

Sharon Burton, CEO, is a content strategy consultant and also teaches engineering students part-time at the University of California, Riverside in the Engineering department. Leveraging her graduate cultural anthropology education, her career has been built around making technical content and technical content development easier for both the business and the consumers of the content. In that time, she’s taught upwards of 8,000 people in corporate and university level courses in everything from technical writing to content strategy consulting. She’s also the co-author of Engineering Words, from XML Press.

In her spare time, she knits, sews, cooks, grows food, bakes bread, can be found on the back of a motorcycle, and goes to the gym. She travels the world as often as possible. Two or three nights a week, Sharon teaches baby engineers to communicate at the University of California, Riverside as part of the engineering program.

Andy Schulte, commercial product photography

Andy Schulte, product photography, product photos, DAM consulting, commercial product photography

Andy Schulte brings his extensive IT and product photography background to Anthrobytes Media. His experience in technology and his gifts for making products look great with his commercial product photography allows him to help clients make the most of their visual product needs. He also travels the world, mostly following Sharon around.

Andy also drives the motorcycle you can find Sharon on the back of.

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