Often, companies realize they need to localize their technical content when a salesperson makes a significant sale, and all the content must be delivered in German within four weeks. This last-minute rush is the most expensive way to handle localization if you haven’t followed internationalization best practices.

Even if you don’t plan on translating your content, adhering to best practices results in cleaner and clearer technical content for your customers.

So, what are the best practices for internationalized content? Start here:

  • Use present tense.
  • Write in active voice.
  • Use the same word for the same thing or action. Consider a terminology manager like Writer to help your team stay consistent.
  • Construct simple sentences, typically in Subject+verb+object format.
  • Keep sentence length under 25 words.
  • Use a content development and management tool like Archbee, Flare, or Paligo to help your team create content once and then reuse it.

By starting with these practices in mind, you can significantly reduce the eventual cost of localization. Implementing these strategies prepares your content for global markets and enhances its quality and clarity, benefiting all users.