Content Development Tools

Anthrobytes Media works with the best technical content development tools for your business requirements, but we often recommend Paligo, Archbee, or MadCap Flare, as they are the most popular technical writing tools for a reason. Additionally, Paligo, Archbee, and Madcap Flare work well with content delivery or hosting tools, such as GitHub or Zendesk.

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Technical content development tools we often recommend

Many of our clients are trying to solve content business problems, like

  • a geographically distributed team with multiple content contributors,
  • delivering to a knowledge base system, like Zendesk,
  • reuse that content in an online training program.

In these business environments, we usually recommend technical writing tools such as Paligo, Archbee, or Madcap Flare:

  • Paligo is a cloud-based technical content creation authoring and content management tool that supports structured content creation using XML. It enables content reuse, variables, metadata, collaboration, and single-sourcing, ensuring consistent and maintainable documentation. It’s best used for geographically dispersed teams working in the cloud.
  • Archbee enables efficient technical content creation, organization, and sharing of technical documentation, wikis, and knowledge bases. Archbee includes real-time collaboration, content reuse, variables, and customizable templates. It’s also best used for geographically dispersed teams working in the cloud. 
  • MadCap Flare, a robust desktop-based tool, offers advanced features for creating and managing technical content. It supports multichannel publishing, making it easy to publish content across various platforms and formats. It’s best used for people working in close quarters in the same location. 

We help identify your business drivers and make recommendations for what works for you today and 3 years from now. And, of course, we set up these technical writing tools and train your staff as part of the project.

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We’re happy to talk about how we can help your company solve your business problems around content. We specialize in the product led growth space, where content supports the customer as they solve their problems with your product. Using the wrong technical writing tools can hinder you in the product led growth space and impact the customer experience.